Defy the Elements. Perfectly.

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During the 23 years we’ve designed custom patios and shades, we’ve uncovered two universal truths:

Perfect is relative.
Custom is the foundation for Perfect.

We see your patio as an extension of your home, and by definition, you and your family. Every family is different, so wouldn’t their definition of a perfect patio be different too? A one-size-fits-all approach won’t do. And that’s why we’re able to customize virtually every aspect of your patio.

Choose a solid roof patio design to completely shield the sun and rain. Or select a gorgeous lattice style that allows just the right amount of sunlight through. Perhaps you prefer a hybrid combination of the two. Whatever you fall in love with, our skilled engineer design team will create anything you imagine. Furthermore, integrated lighting, insulation, ceiling fans, and a variety of complimenting colors gives you accessories and color schemes to choose from too. Best of all, our patios are constructed from highly-durable AlumaWood, a material many consider the best choice for patio construction.

What is this “AlumaWood” you speak of?

A patio is only as good as the material it’s built with. And wood lacks in long-term durability; moreover, it requires regular finishing, conditioning, and upkeep. We opt for a more durable, longer lasting option called Alumawood designed by Amerimax. It’s made from recycled aluminum with a textured wood grain finish and conditioned with Teflon to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions. Also, it won’t rot, crack, or peel like regular wood patios do when exposed to the elements.

Whether or not you already have an idea for your perfect patio, we’re ready to offer as much or as little input as you need. The end result is an unsurpassed exterior aesthetic, framing the countless barbecues, birthday parties, social gatherings, and relaxed evenings you’ll experience for years to come.

Give us a call today! We’ll help you find your definition of perfect.

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