The Perfect Patio Cover To Finish Off Your Backyard in Las Vegas, Nevada & Bakersfield, CA.

Upgrade your outdoor living area with the perfect patio covers las vegas. Also, add value to your home with an Alumawood patio cover manufactured by Amerimax. Quality, durability, and elegance make Alumawood shade structures the #1 choice of patio cover contractors in Las Vegas and Bakersfield, CA for the past 20 years.

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Get the look of a wood patio without the maintenance. Best of all, alumawood patio covers are built out of high-quality aluminum; moreover, high-quality aluminum will not burn, warp, rot, peel, crack or attract termites. And it always looks great. Also, our aluminum patio covers have a baked enamel finish that prevents fading while allowing for easy cleaning. (No more painting!)

Solid Roof Alumawood | Patio Covers Las Vegas & Bakersfield

Bakersfield Patio Cover in Backyard with ceiling fans.
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Lattice Alumawood Patio Covers | Las Vegas & Bakersfield

Bakersfield Combo Covers
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Combin Lattice & Solid Alumawood Patio Covers | Las Vegas & Bakersfield

Lattic and Solid (combo) patio cover

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Elegant Patio Covers Las Vegas and Bakersfield

Perfect Patio Covers of Las Vegas, NV & Bakersfield, CA are built strong! Furthermore, our patio covers are engineered to comply with any city or county permit regulations. Most importantly, our team will take care of any permitting involved with the installation of your patio cover.

We offer five different patio cover color choices that are sure to complement your home. Best of all, our patio covers are HOA approved for both Las Vegas and Bakersfield residents.

The Perfect Patio Cover For Las Vegas & Bakersfield BBQ’s

Protect your BBQ and patio furniture from all the season’s weather. Also, Perfect patio covers are the ultimate shade structure for all seasons. And they come with a lifetime warranty.

Easy to keep clean, our patios come equipped with Aluma-Shield. Additionally, the surface protector Dupont Teflon®. Teflon® allows the patio covers to repel dust, dirt, and stains and are easy to keep clean.

Patio covers make it fun to entertain friends and family and stay out of the harmful UV rays. Moreover, patio covers are the perfect way to finish off your backyard. Furthermore, we can install lights or outdoor fans of your choice or we can provide one for you.

Las Vegas & Bakersfield Patio Cover Installation

Looking for the best patio cover installers in the Las Vegas & Bakersfield area? You are in luck! With us, you will find the best of the best. Our patio cover installation crews are highly-trained craftsmen that installed thousands of patio covers in both the Bakersfield & Las Vegas areas.  We are A+ Rated by the BBB.

Best of all, we have 5-star ratings on Yelp from real happy customers.

The Complete Patio Covers Master Guide

When buying a patio cover, there’s a lot of things you need to know beforehand. You should ask yourself, “Which shade structure is right for my backyard space?” Other questions are, “Which patio cover material is right for me?” and “Why hire a professional instead of DIY?” “Which professional team is best in Bakersfield, CA and Las Vegas, Nevada?” “What kind of contract should I sign?” There are numerous questions asked when deciphering on a perfect patio cover. Introducing our comprehensive patio covers master guide, complete with everything you need to know to make the right choice for you. We left no stone unturned for the latest and greatest patio cover tips and tricks.

Patio Cover in Las Vegas Residential Home

Which Shade Structure Do I Choose?

Shade structures come in all shapes and sizes, each individual piece providing something unique. Nevertheless, every single shade structure Perfect Home Products sells offers premium shade and exemplary comfort. Chapter one of our Patio Covers Master Guide covers some popular shade structure types. Let’s review the most popular options:

Pergolas – Patio Shade Structures

Patio Covers Master Guide

A shady, freestanding pergola is common in many backyard landscapes all across Bakersfield and Las Vegas. Furthermore, pergolas cover patios, decks, and even walkways. Also, they have other functions like creating a shady, comfy spot for reading your favorite book or eating a delicious, outdoor meal with your loved one or close friends. From traditional columns, purlins, and rafters, pergolas carry tons of design options.

Extra tip: Because many pergolas are built, permits are usually required. Always maintain your pergola if you want it to stay looking sturdy and sleek. 

Lattice – Patio Covers

Patio Covers Master Guide

If you own a contemporary home, lattice patio covers are ideal for you. The most common material used for this cover is wood. However, you can expect more durability and performance with an Alumawood lattice cover.

At Perfect Home Products, We Sell The Highest-Quality Lattice Patio Covers

We want to give you the best shade for your outdoor living area without screening out refreshing breezes. Lattice patios are a perfect way to decorate your home’s exterior by bringing a sophisticated charm to the backyard. Accentuate your BBQ, spa or patio furniture with a lattice patio cover that cuts the sun’s heat but allows you to enjoy the outdoors still.

With lattice patio covers, we can customize the amount of shade and the sunshine that comes through the lattice beams by spacing the beams apart to your liking, for the perfect amount of your taste. Lattice patios are ideal for gardening as well. You can grow vines and other plants that do not require full sunlight.

Need a Lattice Patio Cover for you Las Vegas Residence, CALL TODAY for a free estimate.

Alumnawood Lattice Patio Cover

Patio Covers Master Guide

Solid Alumawood Patio Cover

Solid Alumawood patio covers are our favorite shading option for homeowners. It offers total shade and weather premium protection. If you’re looking for the best shade structure out there today, then solid patio covers are the complete package. Here are just a few of the perks they offer:

Sun Protection:

Harsh sunlight in Vegas or Bakersfield summers making you sweat? Solid patio covers provide incredible sun protection, letting you fully enjoy your backyard again.

Water Damage Control:

Solid patio covers also handle rain quite well. Although rain showers are less common in Bakersfield, they do happen. Solid Patio covers keep your backyard dry and stop harmful mold from forming along wooden pieces. Also, you can say bye to rust formations along your metal backyard furniture too.

Fun Outdoor Living:

The best patio covers give you and your loved ones a spot that you can host parties, events and relax in once everyone’s gone. Solid patio covers keep your space cooler and comfortable while allowing tons of natural light peek in.

Higher Home Value:

After getting a solid patio cover installed, you get more comfort, beauty, sun protection, water damage control, and a higher home value. These kinds of shades give more dimension and appeal to your home whether you’re looking to renovate or looking to sell and make a profit.

Lattice and Solid Patio Cover Combo

Perfect Home Products also carries half-solid, half-lattice, or lattice-solid-lattice. You tell us what you want, and we will have our engineering department at Amerimax design a patio to comply with any city or county permit regulations. Most of our patios ordered are installed in about 1-2 weeks. Best of all, your patio cover installation is typically completed in one day.

PERFECT Home Products – Our Design Features Include:

  • Strong, durable, low-maintenance Alumawood
  • Also, weather-resistant Aluma-Shield paint finish withstands the harshest conditions, including sun, wind and extreme temperatures
  • Baked enamel for rugged durability
  • And color-matching fasteners
  • Choice of attractive color finishes complementing your home
  • Several options for columns
  • We can install patio lights or ceiling fans on your patio cover
  • Also, we provide lights or fans for you to install yourself
  • HOA approved and we’ll get any permits needed for you
  • Lifetime Warranty – View Our Guarantee

The Best Patio Cover Material

You want your patio cover to perform well and last longer to get your money’s worth. Therefore, you need to make sure you know the pro’s and con’s of each material and relate them to your exact needs. You want your patio cover to deliver the best results for you and to surpass your expectations. Chapter two of our Patio Covers Master Guide covers shade structure materials. Here are the best patio cover materials out on the market today:


Light and affordable, vinyl patio covers can be amazing for homeowners on a budget. Also, if you want maintenance-free shade structures, vinyl is usually your way to go. Stop worrying about cleaning, sanding or even painting with a vinyl shade structure.


We can’t think of a patio cover material that is more timeless and natural than wood. Furthermore, wood is made to last and satisfy every design preference because it’s solid and comes in many types, finishes, and colors. We also like wood because it’s easy to match your structure with your backyard’s architectural design and exterior.


So, which material is the durability heavyweight? If you guessed aluminum, you guessed correctly. Aluminum offers amazing sun protection, as well as protection against other harsh elements. We strongly recommend aluminum shade structures for our Bakersfield and Las Vegas clients who brave the high heat summers every year. So long are the days where your patio cover warps, cracks or breaks. Just grab an aluminum patio cover – it’s the patio cover shade protector/superhero you can count on.


What if I do not want to choose between the perks of the last three materials? What if I want a shade structure that is affordable, timeless, sturdy, and durable? WHO SAYS I CAN’T HAVE IT ALL? We recommend going for Alumawood – it’s simply the best. 

Alumawood is mighty-strong and lightweight similar to aluminum panels. Also, it looks a lot like authentic wood and has better water and moisture resistance mechanism built in. Also, Alumawood provides maintenance-free perks just like vinyl. Our Bakersfield and Las Vegas clients deserve the absolute best — and that’s Alumawood shade structures every time.

Hiring The Best Patio Cover Installer/Contractor

So, now that we’ve clued you in on the best kinds of patio covers and the best materials, let’s talk about professional installation. You need an expert to install your cool, new patio cover. I know DIY is hip right now, but losing time and money on installation or breakage isn’t hip at all.  Hiring the best patio cover installation team means the job gets done smoothly, from start to finish. We’ll say it again – do not take the DIY road for this one. No, seriously, stop looking for DIY patio cover installation articles or videos on Youtube.

You’re going to make us explain why right? Okay, here we go. First of all…

Patio Cover Installation is HARD Work 

So, you hung a picture on a wall, congratulations. Maybe you even finished some minor repurposing projects so you think you got what it takes. We’re not trying to squash local talent or your enthusiasm. While we think being handy and determined is wonderfully admirable, this is one home improvement project that is difficult for the untrained set of hands or the average DIY-er to complete efficiently. Perfect Home Products’ team covers all your bases from the start. We understand structural design, design specs, installation, and patio covers like the back of our hands – it’s all we do all day long. (And we wouldn’t do anything else.)   

You Need the Right Equipment & Tools  

Do you have the right tools just laying around in your shed? You do, huh? Wow, look at you. Still, the average DIY-er will most likely need to make a trip their local hardware store to spend more money on a series of tools. Making a trip to a hardware costs more money, and that is step one only!

How about the money you will spend on the actual materials and pieces needed for installation? Are we boring you to death? If we are, you can forget all of this and just hire our professional team. You kick back and relax and leave the installation to us.

We carry all the right tools and equipment needed to install the patio cover of your dreams. Because we use them properly every single day, we eliminate the potential for mistakes and costly damage to your home and your new patio cover.

Knowing Safety Standards

You want a functional, top-of-the-line, beautiful patio cover, right? However, you also want your shade structure to remain safe while you and your loved ones sit underneath it. Otherwise, you’re looking at an entirely new set of problems. This is another reason why hiring a professional is key. We’ve heard some horror stories about overzealous, ambitious DIY-ers building their covers and then having them crash during an event or birthday. Ouch! This will give you more than a headache.

But let’s not get too grim over here. What we mean to say is Perfect Home Products professional team knows local codes and regulations so you can rest assured knowing your patio cover is installed with safety standards in mind.

How to Choose The Best Patio Cover Installation Team 

We’ve already explained why hiring professionals to install and design your patio cover not only makes your project run smoothly and correctly, but it typically ends up being cheaper too. Now let’s go over how to pick the right guys for the job. There’s usually a large pool of contractors and patio cover business within the area. However, only a few of them truly provide the top-notch workmanship and superior customer service that you demand and deserve.

So, how do you choose the best patio cover installation team? Our Patio Covers Master Guide has some answers:

Local referrals 

Sure, looking at Yelp reviews or print ads answers tons of questions when you want to know the integrity and reliability of a business. But we also recommend asking friends, neighbors, and people within your area for referrals.

Always Check Credentials. Always!

Your list should have gotten shorter by now. The last step to finding your perfect patio cover installation team is checking their credentials so you know you have a professional, experienced, safe, stress-free team by your side.

Here’s a list of qualities you should look for in your next installer. 

  • Licensed: Your installation team should be able to provide remodeling work in your area. A licensed patio cover contractor knows local codes to make sure your project adheres to current safety standards.

  • Insured and Bonded: Installers should have proof of insurance, like workers’ compensation and liability coverage, which helps you avoid problems if anything goes wrong during your project. A bonded team means you receive a compensation if they do not finish the work listed in the contract. If you work with someone who doesn’t have coverage, you’re on your own.

  • Certified: Being certified means a company has met the toughest requirements set by manufactures. Also, hiring a certified team gives you access to high-quality materials and solid warranties. specifications. Perfect Home Products’ Lifetime Warranty – We absolutely stand by our customers and ensure that the products we offer and build are always working perfectly. If it’s not working properly, we will repair it for FREE. Yes, you read that correctly. (Labor and materials).